Parmigiana di melenzane

This recipe is one that I have always seen made by my mother and by mothers of my friends. Probably there are other versions but in Salerno 90% is done this way.

I think that various subsequent changes were made to respect certain diets (e.g. no eggs and flour) or to provide a more homogeneous flavor (some argue that the skin of the eggplant makes it bitter).

If you accept my advice prepare it like this … don’t trust imitations!

So cut the “Mulignana” sliced not too thin or too thick. I prefer long and slender eggplants, but unfortunately in the big cities often you just find those huge round ones.

You need to cut absolutely along the length, with a little bit of patience and then put them in a large bowl, salting each layer, and covering them with gauze. But be careful do not to use too much salt … it is required to eliminate a bit of water. After about an hour, take out the aubergine slices and dry them further in two tea towels.

Here someone intervenes with the first variation … you postpone the diet problem for once and then dip the eggplant in egg, then flour and then fry.

uhmmmm usually I began to eat it like this already….

Grease a baking dish and smear the bottom with 2 tablespoons of sauce already prepared (browned onion then cooked slowly with a little ‘basil) and arrange a layer of eggplant, placed side by side without overlapping. Another layer of sauce and then grated cheese and chunks of mozzarella cheese (better use the normal one and left to dry a bit, otherwise it releases water)
Repeat the process with new layers and finally cover with sauce and plenty of sprinkled cheese.

Cook the parmigiana in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 45 minutes, keep an eye until it forms a nice crust..


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