The Battipaglia Mozzarella, cheese with buffalo milk

Battipaglia is a city rich in resources, many of which are linked to the territory.

Today the Piana del Sele is a leader in the production of so-called fourth range, ie bagged salads, but the production of the most ancient tradition is certainly that of “mozzarella”. The areas of the Volturno and Andria in Apulia are also famous for this, but here in Battipaglia dairy breeding of buffaloes, a time in the wild and then breeding, gives this cheese a unique flavor.

Mozzarella is a fresh cheese whose flavor is enhanced by using, in different doses, buffalo milk and it retains its flavor and texture for a some days, although mozzarella purists say that its ideal consumption is of course within 24 36 hours after production.

A tour of the dairies in the city will give the discovery of many dairy products related to buffalo milk but also meat and sausages, while the farms of the plain is not difficult to get invited to see the herds.

In a future post some recipes and ways to enjoy the mozzarella

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