Visiting Amalfi

Tradition of the great navigators came from the need of primary fishing and this activity is still continuing.

The port is still in the center of the activities of this small, beautiful town

of course, the tourism industry is one of the main engines of the economy Coast but has not broken the link with the sea
Amalfi was founded by the Romans and in fact the coat of arms bears the inscription “Descendit former patribus Romanorum”, but reached its peak, as the Maritime Republic, in the eleventh century, by enacting a famous maritime code, the Tables of Amalfi

One of the images most famous in the world is the staircase imposing Duomo, in Arab-Sicilian style and dedicated to the patron Saint Andrew. The portals in bronze, was made ​​in 1066 in Constantinople. A must see is the beautiful Cloister of Paradise

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