Riviera Spineta welcome for the Beach Volley Italian National Team

The Italian Beach Volley National Team  brings together the best athletes under 21 at the Riviera Spineta [...]  
1 July 2014 di 0

The pictures of Orakom Beach Volley Cup 2013

On last Sunday the 2013 edition of Orakom Beach Volleyball Cup ended at the Lido Spineta. As promised [...]  
30 July 2013 di 0

The Padula Charterhouse and Pertosa Caves

The Charterhouse of Padula is one of the most majestic monuments that can be seen when visit Salerno [...]  
20 July 2013 di 0

Orakom Beach Volley Cup 2013

The Open Regional Beach Volleyball “Orakom Cup 2013 has started yesterday at Spineta Lido, the [...]  
20 July 2013 di 0

July Holidays!!!!!!! 4 days only 149 eur

Fantastic holidays near Amalfi Coast, Cilento, Pompei and Paestum. Just on the beach side!!! 3 nights [...]  
2 July 2013 di 0

2013 Summer Season at Spineta Beach Stadium

Getting ready for the first tournament at the Riviera Spineta. The large area dedicated to the sport [...]  
20 June 2013 di 0

Special Offer 2 days only 57 eur including beach services

New proposal at a price even lower The price is per person (in double) and includes Check in 10.00 the [...]  
20 June 2013 di 0

A documentary to remember the allied operation on the Battipaglia beaches

This year on 9th september will be  the 70th anniversary of the landing on our beaches that we have [...]  
20 May 2013 di 1

Spineta: seventy years before on the beach of Allied Landing, the Avalanche operation

Now the sandy beach of Spineta has visited by tourists searching sun and sea, and the English o enjoy [...]  
5 May 2013 di 1
The Battipaglia Mozzarella, cheese with buffalo milk

The Battipaglia Mozzarella, cheese with buffalo milk

Battipaglia is a city rich in resources, many of which are linked to the territory. Today the Piana del [...]  
7 January 2013 di 0

Parmigiana di melenzane

This recipe is one that I have always seen made by my mother and by mothers of my friends. Probably there [...]  
14 April 2011 di 1

The Salerno Tourism Institution

Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Salerno   [...]
11 April 2011 di 0

Summer Events

Following are some of the traditional summer events in the vicinity: Ravello The international festival [...]  
10 April 2011 di 0

Visiting Amalfi

Tradition of the great navigators came from the need of primary fishing and this activity is still continuing. The [...]  
10 April 2011 di 0
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